About JSC Aeroptics


About JSC Aeroptics.

A technical consultancy specialising in harsh environment fibre optic technology covering areas such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Military/Defence
  • Undersea exploration
  • Marine
  • Mass transportation

Providing a range of services specifically directed at supporting the use of fibre optic technology in harsh environments, including:

  • Installation requirements
  • Component selection
  • Identifying suitable test equipment and methods
  • Maintenance and support requirements

Services being offered are based on a solid knowledge base and experience gained from over 40 years in the aerospace industry, 27 years in the Royal Air Force as aircraft technician (electrical), 10 years with AIRBUS UK and over 5 years as JSC Aeroptics Ltd.

In excess of 15 years experience in the research and development of aerospace fibre optics technology, including:

  • Active participation in the development of fibre optic technology for the Airbus A340-600, Airbus A380 and Airbus Military A400M transport.
  • A working member of the highly successful DTI and EU funded Fibre Optic Harness Study II (FOHS II), Low cost Optical Avionics Data Networks (LOADNet) and Future Optical Network Distribution for Avionics (FONDA) projects,

JSC Aeroptics can provide clients with a wide range of capabilities for design, approved component selection and integration of fibre optic technologies, together with an in-depth knowledge of aerospace standardisation bodies both in Europe and the USA, and is actively involved in UK, European and United States aerospace fibre optic committees, working and task groups in the development of standards designed to support the needs of the aerospace industry.

Actively involved in the development of installation requirements and techniques for fibre optic components JSC Aeroptics has the added capabilty of providing on-site awareness development specifically aimed at providing a technology overview to parties involved in all aspects of implementation of fibre optic technology.