Consultancy Services


Consultancy Services

JSC Aeroptics provides a wide range of services specifically aimed at supporting and developing the use of fibre optic technology in harsh environment applications such as aerospace.

This range of services have been developed from direct involvement in the development of passive and active components, installation requirements and techniques for fibre optic applications on military and commercial aircraft and space applications.

These services can be adapted to provide a client with the best solutions for their particular needs.

JSC Aeroptics has joined forces with LUCID OS and AVoptics Ltd to provide a fibre optic awareness training course for the development of installation, maintenance, cleaning and testing techniques of fibre optic systems for individuals involved in the support of the technology.

Services include:

    • Review of technical documents.
    • Technical advice and assistance for:
      • Selection of passive layer components
      • Selection of active devices
    •  Installation requirements for fibre optic components
    • Maintenance, repair and installation issues of aerospace fibre optic applications
    • Identification of aerospace approved components
    • Information on component suppliers and vendors
    • Compilation of technical reports: in support of:
      • System component selection
      • Installation requirements for fibre optic components
      • Technical aspects of airborne optical systems and components of commercial aircraft