JSC Aeroptics is an active participant on a number of aerospace standardisation committees, working and task groups, both in the USA and Europe. Services
include preparation, formatting and developing documents that provide recognised standards and specifications of fibre optic components, systems and technology for the aerospace community.

These documents provide technical information, data and design criteria to allow component and system vendors to integrate closely with aircraft manufacturers and customers to provide a common solution.

JSC Aeroptics has in-depth knowledge and expertise of aerospace standardisation bodies both in Europe and the United States. Current positions held include chairman of the BSI ACE6/10 ‘Fibre Optics Components and Systems’ committee, and UK technical expert on the ASD-STAN D2/S10 ‘Optical Devices’ committee.

In addition JSC Aeroptics participates as a working member on the following US aerospace standardisation committees:

  • ARINC (Fibre Optic Subcommittee and New Installation Concepts)
  • SAE AS-3 (Fibre Optics and Applied Photonics)

 Many of these standards can be applicable to other areas where components and systems are applied in harsh environments.

JSC Aeroptics services include

  • Participation on standards committees for and on behalf of component and equipment vendors, aircraft manufacturers, systems integrators
  • Compilation and release of visit reports of meeting proceedings
  • Assistance in preparing and formatting standards documents