Training and Awareness Development


Training and Awareness Development

With the ever increasing use of fibre optic and photonic technology on commercial, military and space platforms, and used in other harsh environmental areas, there is a growing requirement to provide training and awareness development for personnel involved in support of the technology.

Awareness of the technology is not limited to hand’s on technicians but also encompasses workers operating in the vicinity of fibre optic installations, technical managers and even procurement.

JSC Aeroptics is working together with LUCID OS and AVoptics to develop and present a specialised course entitled ‘Fibre Optics in Aerospace’.

The course syllabus has been prepared in line with ARINC 807 ‘Fibre Optic Training’ and SAE ASD ARP5602 ‘Guideline for Aerospace Platform Fiber Optic Training and Awareness Education Introduction to Aerospace Fiber Optics’.

For more information on aerospace fibre optic training and awareness development contact JSC Aeroptics.